About Bodrum

Until as recently as few decades ago, Bodrum was a sleepy fishing village known only to a select group of vacationers from international jet-set and artists who sought Mediterranean experience in idyllic settings. Today this charming Aegean town still offers the natural beauty, cobalt blue sea and charming white village houses that attracted those first visitors but has grown in popularity to become a favorite of the cream of international travelers.

The hottest spot in Bodrum peninsula. The towns of Gölköy and Türkbükü make up the new name Göltürkbükü. The Dolmus ride is about 30 minutes and the cost is around one dollar. The bay during summer months is lined up with multi national and multi million-dollar yachts. Every beach front establishment have a pier for sun bathing during the day and for elegant dining during the evenings. Prices reflect the quality of customers hence the most expensive in the peninsula. Loud music from each and every establishment competes with each other. The jet-set, mostly young, hangs out here in the evenings. Göltürkbükü is the home of the classiest Beach Clubs in the peninsula. From Sushi to Jazz you can find it here. Rock tombs from the ancient town of Mandasa are located all over and the rock pier had been used to export wine and olive in ancient times.


The hotel is situated at Golturkbuku Bay which is a well known vacation center. Bodrum Airport is 35km and Bodrum Centre is 18km. away.

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