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Chefs says that three major kinds of cuisine exist in the world; Turkish, Chinese, and French. Fully justifying its reputation, Turkish Cuisine is always a pleasant surprise for the visitor.
Experience the first-class delicious food of rich Turkish or international cuisine. Our food is prepared daily with fresh ingredients, steeped in authenticity. We strive to provide something for everyone’s taste.Have the most fresh and delicious fish or a juicy steak expertly cooked by our famous chef and his stuff, a unique taste for your palate, which you will not be able to forget for a long time...


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Traditional Bakery

We offer a delicious Mediterranean breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu, with an emphasis on Turkish baked goods. Each pastry is authentic, flavorful, and mostly made with home made. Turkish bread is an important part of the daily meal and is simply torn off and eaten alongside any meal, this delicious bread is always accompanied by Turkish tea, homemade jams & dips. The secret to Turkish Bread is still held dear by present-day Turkish bakers. Our breads are made from local flours with no preservatives or additives and are baked in stone ovens using traditional methods, by a team of specific experienced Turkish bakers.


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You can sip your coctail or take a bite of the delicious snacks and fresh fruits all day long, forgetting the clamor of your everyday life..Mediterranean Minded brings the finest whole fruit jellies, Jams and Marmalades from Turkey to your table. The highest quality fruits are used in our natural recipes. We strive to have the largest sections and variety of fruits available.Partnered with a fine cheese or meats, or as a standalone dessert, these items will surely be received with the highest compliments in your home.



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After a hearty breakfast which is included in our accommodation plan, you can enjoy the clear turquoise sea settling either on our private beach or on the jetty. You can also take a boat for a day long trip along the beautiful Mediterranean coasts or enjoy the various water sports such as banana, jet-ski riding. You are always welcome to join our trekking team to explore the nearby wonders of the lake (which the village took its name from) and the ancient cave- graves.


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Garden Lounge

Our garden lounge is created chilling zone for our guests.A relaxing zone designed as a the shade of the Mediterranean plants.Surrounded by the intensive fragrance of beautiful flowers and a breathtaking Aegean sea view here is the spot to dream, to forget, to relax and to enjoy our individual service.Garden Lounge isperfect for light refreshments and snacks.Enjoy a light meal,afternoon tea or choose from our menu of quaffable wines and cocktails, Watch your favorite sporting events on the large screen TV's.A work area is available with free wi-fi too.


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Sun Deck

The Sun Deck is the perfect place to enjoy a variety of beverages and snacks while relaxing and luxuriating in the stunning views of the Aegean sea.With dining areas on deck and,there is generous space for reading, sunbathing and eating in the sunshine or in the shade...



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Water Sports & Boat Trips

It's a great place for water sports facilities with many activities available on the beach.
Daily boat trip from Bodrum is a must do experience to see the coast from a different perspective. Spend an incredible 8-hour day on the Aegean Sea swimming in the crystal clear waters, sunbathing on the boat, visiting spectacular bays and nice beaches. This fascinating trip can be the most memorable part of your holiday in Bodrum. A delicious lunch will be served on board. Guests can either join a group or take the tour privately.


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"Turkbuku is situated in the Turkish Riveria with its beautiful coastline, shop lined promenades and its exclusive night life.
Turkbuku can be located on the Bodrum Peninsular a favourite holiday spot in Turkey which has now entered into the global party circuit making it the next St Tropez.Already lining the harbour are white massed yachts coming from the ports of Capri or Monaco and celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Micheal Douglas, Paris Hilton and Tom Hanks who have holidayed there are suggesting Turkbuku's as the newfound St Tropez."
                                      "The New York Times"


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Excursions & Festivals

Our guest have chance to see Bodrum (St. Peter) Castle Museum, Ancient Theater and the historical ruins.
King Mausolus Temple, listed the Mausoleum as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Bodrum per 220 km. raids north of the town of Selcuk, Ephesus and the historic house of Virgin Mary spent her last days, as a museum open to the public.
Furthermore, there are ferryboat tours to Kos and Rodos Islands.
Summer festivals: July and August are the busiest months for festivals, including the International Bodrum Ballet Festival (late July to early August), staged at the impressive Castle of St Peter and featuring an array of international dance troupes.
International DJs often see international performers and DJs at the height of summer.